Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trophy Properties in NYC Pt 1

There is no shortage of quality property in this city. The surrounding areas may be suffering, but the prime areas are only just beginning to see real returns to glory. Properties that were temporarily off of the market (T.O.M) have now made returns and have even higher asking prices than originally. To satisfy your thirst for some apartment debauchery after a bit of a layoff, take a gander at this wonderful home which I recently visited, currently on the market in Tribeca for $16M. It is a truly one of a kind home with multiple private roof-top decks, automated dinner table, master bed, Crestron control system, movie projection and all sorts of other bells and whistles to numerous to list.
There are not many penthouses like this in the entire city right now. Stay tuned and I'll find something else to try and top this!