Thursday, February 14, 2008


Greetings all. I will cover this once for all of those not in the know. There is only one true "No Fee" rental in this city. That is when you rent from an owner directly. While it can still be done, it's like finding a needle in a haystack. That is why a knowledgable, professional broker will never be obsolete. We save you time, which saves you money. While it may cost you more money up front at lease signing, in the long run, we save you the time and aggravation of looking for three months and putting in dozens of applications until you get a place to call home. As they say, you can't put a price tag on happiness!

When using a broker, a "No Fee" apartment usually refers to us receiving one month of rent towards the broker's fee directly from the owner or management company. If you do the math, you will see that this is a huge discount in itself from the standard 15% of one year's rent charged in Manhattan as the fee. You are basically getting us to give up half of our commission, take a payment from the building or owner directly within 2-8 weeks from move in, making you a happier customer overall. I have actually waited four to six months in some cases for payment, but if it makes my clients happier, I have lived off of ramen noodles and tuna before and can do it again in the lean times ;-)

The first slideshow to the top left, is a Murray Hill, PET-FRIENDLY, Doorman building offered as "No Fee" for IMMEDIATE move in! The OP wil be gone after this coming week! Studios here are currently ranging from $2050-$2350. That is the only size apartment left in the entire building.

I STRONGLY urge you to call me or email me RIGHT NOW if you are looking to move before May. The time is almost here when the concessions will dissappear from the market until October. May through October is the peak rental season in this city. Landlords will not have enough property for the rush of new hires, interns and new students we recieve each year. Even the areas not normally focused on tend to stop giving away these concessions in the busier time of the year. The "fee" is still coming out of your pocket with these rentals, just in a different way. Often, a "no fee" client is just limiting the amount of options available, as the lower monthly rents are often the full fee listings. The "no fee" listings often charge a slightly (5-10%) higher monthly rent than a comparable apartment which is not offering any concessions.

Here's a link to the comprehensive vacancy and rental rates over the last five years as testament to my industry knowledge-->Rentals2002_2006.pdf

For those who still don't believe the HARD DATA FACTS, I have seen this trend happen for three years first hand now. People just DON'T move as much in the winter months, as they are too busy being depressed by the cold, rain and snow or just travelling to visit family and friends to AVOID the weather here. They then ASSUME that it will be easier in the summer, unbeknownst to them it is like a feeding frenzy come that time of year!

I have a host of great LUXURY buildings and also some traditional rentals offering this concession for the next four weeks or so. I can not mention that in the ads on our company website, but I can tell you all about them here.

I can not urge you enough to consider the options.

1: Wait another month or two and get caught in the mad spring/summer rush and have VERY little to choose from.

2: Wait another month or two and have options, but pay a full 15% of one year's rent

3: Move earlier and SAVE big time by taking advantage of a slightly slower (if there is such a thing in NYC) rental market right NOW!

The choice is yours. You need to make the call!

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