Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Fall of the Wall?

Here in NYC, we live in a housing market that already has low supply and high demand. Thereforre the rents are above average when compared to the rest of the country. To offset this and find a way to reap the benefits of living in Manhattan, many renters when looking for doorman buildings, have resorted to putting up temporary pressurized walls to create second or third bedrooms. This makes a $3500 one bedroom now affordable for two young professionals who can really only afford $1700 per month in rent.

This will soon be a thing of the past. This year, many landlords are no longer allowing walls to be erected and many are even going so far as to having existing walls removed. What many are being told, which is in compliance with a Department of Buildings code, is that they can only put up a partition or shelving unit which results in obviously, less privacy. The effect of this is massive, as many new tenants in the city rely on doorman buildings for the obvious benefits of security, as well as the convenience of on site staff for everything from repairs to package/dry cleaning reception. Few are the new hires who can come right out of college and afford a $3500 one bedroom at 40 times the monthly rent on thier own.

Many renters are now being forced to consider other areas of the city such as Washington Heights, Harlem, Long Island City and Brooklyn in order to get the same luxury at a more affordable price. The old "boundaries" of what was once deemed a safe area to live are being pushed further and further outwards and upwards with each week.

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