Monday, December 3, 2007

Even in the slow season, big things are popping!

So this Penthouse listed below was snatched up as of today. It was just on the market for two weeks, during the slowest time of the year for rentals. If that's not an indication of how tight the rental market is here in NYC, I don't know what is. I showed it the very first day it was listed and thought to myself, someone is going to get a great value in the next two weeks. Well I didn't rent it, but someone did and kudos to them as well as the lucky client(s) who now have this great home!
Stay tuned, I have a knack for finding great values in killer locations. Another hot listing or two will hit the blog this week as well. The one that I found today, I just rented today, so it makes no sense to tease you all with what you can't have.

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