Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Technology

We had a meeting at Corporate yesterday morning. It was to introduce a new technology which makes it even easier for clients to get a feel for a place from the internet pictures with a virtual tour.

In the past, in order to post a virtual tour of an apartment, we had to schedule a company to do it, they'd come into the apartment and take eight pictures, go to the lab and stitch them all together for a side to side tour of the place.

Fast forward to today, we have a new fish eye lens, which can magnetically attach to "any" digital camera. it allows for a single shot, panoramic view of the room. This for an agent is priceless! it makes it possible for us to give you a virtual tour with one quick photo.

For an example, view my listings page, or these first few listings in particular.


Click on the link for "Virtual Tour" in each. More will follow, as I intend to make all of my ads have this feature within the next few weeks.

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