Friday, December 21, 2007

New Technology Pt2.

Hi All,

So the carpets were being replaced in my office this week. I felt that it made the perfect opportunity to do what I haven't done in over two years, go out and preview apartments specifically to advertise, get more virtual tours and learn new inventory.

As a broker, I see tons of apartments weekly, but sometimes you can get caught up viewing the same things over and over from year to year. The last time I went out twice or more a week and spent several hours per day just viewing vacant apartments was my rookie year. I would do it twice a week minimum for eight hours a day. This was a part of what helped me gain the product knowledge of the massive inventory of apartments we posses with our immense database.

Well fast forward a couple of years later, with the implementation of PreVisite, we can take a virtual tour of an apartment very easily. So I figured, why not kill two birds with one stone. Well let me tell you something, I LOVE THIS GADGET!!! It is necessary to have good natural light or the pics don't come out quite as nice (you can't use a flash), but man, I may just keep a portable light with me just for use with this do-hickey! I have made a focused effort to get virtual tours for as many of my ads as possible. This is quite a feat when competing with 800+ other agents to advertise a unit, before five other agents do and you are blocked out from advertising it as well.

So I am working to make sure that all of my ads have a virtual tour, as of this post, 11 of my 18 alotted ads have one up. A few of the buildings, I need a client to get into the apartments with, but I am working around that as much as possible as well.

So feel free to click the link to my listings on the top left of the main page, or if that's too much work, you can just click here

Happy Holidays!

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